To the Editors of the Pioneer Press:

The Pioneer Press' front-page “Analysis” piece Sunday (30 March 2014) by the L.A. Times' Carol J. Williams contains egregious omissions whose effect is to falsely portray the new Ukrainian regime as democratic and wrongly blame Russia for the crisis.

Reporting from Russia, not Ukraine, the author alludes to the “triumphant protesters” who recently took power in the Ukrainian capital, implying that the new government is popular. But the officials placed thereby in critical posts controlling the police, military and courts are politically at odds with most of the Ukrainian public. Dmitro Yarosh, the new Assistant Secretary of State for National Security, is the leader of the Trident party, the core of the Right Sector fascist coalition. His boss, Andriy Parubiy, controlling defense, armed forces, police, national security & intelligence, is co-founder of the misnamed “Freedom” party, originally called the Social-National Party of Ukraine in conscious emulation of Hitler's National Socialist German Worker's Party (the Nazis). The latter party won 10% of the popular vote in the 2012 elections, the former didn't show. Oleh Makhnitsky, also of the “Freedom” party, is the new Prosecutor-General of Ukraine. And there are more; look it up.

Williams writes that the officials of the deposed Yanukovich government were called “fascists” by those who drove it out of power, but chooses to omit that the parties now in control of the national security infrastructure are genuine fascists, without any doubt. In fact, they are not merely fascists, but Banderite nazis who openly venerate the perpetrators of Babi Yar and other massacres of Jews and genocide against Poles and other minorities, frankly prepare to oppress all ethnicities other than Ukrainians, and deploy physical violence against their political opponents, coercing legislators with beatings and threats against relatives. Regarding these facts, see the recent courageous writings and statements by Ukrainians George Eliason & Natalia Vitrenko.

Of course, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, Holocaust perpetrators in the Second World War, denied their guilt and sought to hide it when they found themselves on the losing side afterwards, and their modern emulators seek to maintain the deception. But the evidence and the judgement of history have long been against them and remain so despite the Yuschenko regime's recent efforts to officially lie about it. Beside Eliason's sources, read historians Franziska Bruder and Paul Himka.

Faulting the Russian media for publishing genuine (quite copious and readily available) footage of violence perpetrated by the insurgents forcibly taking power, the author conveys the false impression that the transfer of power was peaceful and legitimate by complaining that Russian viewers never saw a majority of demonstrators who merely waved flags.

Williams faults Putin for requiring “providers of international development aid and democracy-building projects” to register as foreign agents. It is well-documented that USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy are, in fact, agents deployed by our government to organize regime change in targeted nations. One cannot reasonably blame Russia for doing what the United States itself, and most every other democracy, does to constrain foreign influence upon its policy decisions.

Putin may well have accumulated undue power within Russia. But his, or Russia's, response to the fascist coup in a closely allied neighbor and trading partner have been entirely appropriate. How would the US behave if Canada were to fall into the hands of a bellicose fascist minority regime that expressed the intent to oppress English speakers and to annex several northern US states?

Our government's hand-picking the top leadership has also been exposed. Rather than faulting Putin for defending Russia, a serious journalist would ask why the National Endowment for Democracy and the United States are supporting the forcible replacement of a constitutional government by nazis.

Sincerely, &c.

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